Touchstone for the Soul

Do you have a place where you can go inside yourself where you are grounded, balanced, you?  When I meditate I find that place.  That piece of me where no one else has sat.  Also where my own brain cannot interfere. All I am being is nothing. Just being.

It is so important to find that place within you. So important to get back to center.

Meditation is not about having a perfect mind, it’s not about getting into the nothing, it’s about focusing on just this second. Listening to your breath, feeling your heartbeat.

When you meditate the parts of your brain that don’t usually connect, do, and something magical happens.  It’s like steeping yourself in clarity and allowing your overthinking a holiday.

I find that Thank You has the same power.

Thank You seems to seek out the quiet and clear parts of my brain. It helps me to see a way through my clouded brain to a mountain top where I can look at my thoughts and acknowledge them as just that. Thoughts.

Thank You!


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